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Membership Fees & Design Pricing

ThreadBasket’s pricing model has two distinct components. The first component covers your basic membership costs which help us cover ongoing costs for running the marketplace and ensuring that everyone involved is fed properly. However, the Membership Fee also acts as a deterrent to keep criminal copy-cats off the marketplace and thereby prevent them from stealing our designs and ideas. Is it a perfect failsafe solution? No, but we believe it is an important step towards preventing such activity.

Business Account Pricing *

All prices EXCLUDING value-added tax (VAT)

Membership Fees

Design & Bundle Pricing

The other component is the actual design price. We categorize our designs into 2 basic types of categories. Standard designs have an appealing layout, composition and style, but are still relatively simple and do not require as much design work as more complex ones. That is why they are priced at a very affordable and competitive level.

Premium designs require much more time to create and therefore need to be priced higher than the simple ones. This also gives credit to the hard work that the designer went through. These designs start at a higher level and do not have an upper limit. We believe that excellent design should be rewarded and therefore do not want to limit designers in terms of what they can charge for their design.

Some Examples

And thirdly, we have a special category for Niche Bundles, which can contain anywhere between 40 to 200 niches. These designs are also priced based on their qualitative character (Standard or Premium), however their price is mainly driven by the number of designs contained in the bundle. So for example, a Standard Niche Bundle with roughly 150 niches would mean that each designs costs you less than 1 EUR/design.

* Personal/Individual Accounts

Pricing may vary due to value-added tax (VAT) of your specific country of residence as well as due to other surcharges. EU residents are all charged a same flat end price for all services and products, which already include VAT. If VAT does not apply for your location then prices will be listed excluding VAT.

You are reponsible for ensuring that the data you provide us with accurately reflects your status and country of residence for taxation compliance purposes. Failure to due so constitutes a violation of our Terms and Conditions.





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