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You acquire all rights to the design

No need to worry about your design being sold twice. When you purchase a design, the designer transfers ownership and all usage rights to you. No royalties need to be paid to anyone.

Colorize your designs within seconds!

Many of the designs available for purchase can be super-charged with the COLORIZE upgrade. Within seconds you can create dozens of color variations of your new designs so you have just the right design for each shirt color.

Never worry about relevant keywords again

We eliminate one of the most annoying parts of selling t-shirts for you. No more racking your brain over keywords that sell. Most of the designs at ThreadBasekt come with a set of hand-picked keywords which you can easily purchase for just a few cents using the META-DATA upgrade.

Need more control? We give you the vector files too!

Yep, that’s right. Contrary to other platforms, we even give you access to the vector source files. All you need to do is purchase the VECTOR upgrade and you’ll have complete access to all sources files and can modify them as much as you like.

Less than $1 per design? Niche Bundles make it possible!

Only want to buy one particular design and then scale it to 100+ niches? Most freelance designers despise this type of repetitive work and many refuse to do it. At ThreadBasket we also offer NICHE BUNDLES which are pre-scaled to dozens of profitable niches. What an awesome way to lock in savings!

Oh and we speak your language too 🙂

We believe in a multilingual world. And although we agree that English makes things easier for the vast majority of people, we understand that the world of t-shirts is more diverse than that.

That’s why we are the only marketplace that has multilanguage support. Not only on the website, but the designs as well! 

Free designs for loyal customers

We love our loyal customers and that’s why we believe you should be rewarded. We are working on a tiering and referral system which will earn you free designs and discounts along the way.

Designers welcome!

Are you a talended designer and love to create slick and appealing designs for t-shirts or other types of merchandise? Tired of having to adhere to the instructions of clients who do not appreciate your work and are not willing to pay a fair price?

Apply for a Fellowship at the ThreadBasket Artist’s Guild and publish your designs on the ThreadBasket marketplace. It’s never been simpler to generate income from creating t-shirt designs!

Pssst…we almost forgot

We do all the other awesome stuff as well!

No surprises. You see what you get.

The problem with hiring freelance designers is that most of the time you don’t really know beforehand what you are going to get. Other design shops make you buy design blind. How stupid is that? ThreadBasket eliminates the guesswork.

You can easily browse through countless designs and simply pick the ones you like or which you believe will sell best.

Go shopping for designs. It’s just like Amazon!

Purchasing designs on ThreadBasket is a seemless and simple process. You pick the design you want, you add it to your cart, you proceed to the checkout and voilà, you’re done!

It’s literally as simple as shopping on Amazon.

All your purchases in one place

Once you’ve purchased a design, it is added to your purchase history. This section acts as your own private design repository, where you can easily access any of your past purchases and if required, re-download all your designs.

We believe that good organization plays a big role in your journey to success and want to help you keep this clean and tidy.

Forgot to upgrade a design? No problem!

Simply browse to your design repository and select the design that you wish to upgrade. Select the particular upgrade you would like to purchase, add it to your cart, proceed to checkout and boom…you’re done!

Keeping the Copy Cats out

As you may have noticed, ThreadBasket works on a memership basis. All members contribute a monthly base fee to maintain an account on the marketplace.

We have this in place in order to provide a minimum level of security to the designs that you are going to purchase. Copy Cats are unlikely to purchase an ongoing membership and if they do, we kick them out immediately. However, we believe the monthly fee is an effective deterrent.

Slick designs from 12€

I know, it almost sounds too good to be true. But we believe in making your t-shirt business an affordable venture. That’s why our standard designs start at an unbelievably fair price of 12€ each.

As your business grows, you may want to invest in more premium designs. These designs are more complex and take more time to create, but we pride ourselves in making them available at affordable prices as well.





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