Our Design API

Bring thousands of high-end designs and illustration to your users so they can launch their print-on-demand business faster and with less risk. Plug us into your app and hit play!


Over 1,200 optimised design assets for

showcasing product


for designs & patterns


help customise your offer


in various HQ formats


made quick & easy

Designs-on-Demand made for Print-on-Demand

ThreadBasket offers the only stock media API which was created specifically with the print-on-demand industry in mind. What good are millions of media assets which are in the wrong format or which simply aren't meant to be printed on apparel or other products. We know the ins and outs and make sure your customers get the most value out of our designs.

Revolutionary licensing model. Truly scalable pricing.

Your users never need to worry about fixed costs or hitting quantity limits on their licenses. We only charge for licenses when they sell and exactly how much they sell. Our fixed revenue-share model makes it easy to scale without impacting long-term profitability. We do this because we understand the challenges of testing products and audiences. 

Make your service super sticky!

Attract the promoters you truly want to win by making their life extremely easy. Offer convenience which no one else can and eliminate the need to deal with freelancers or agencies. Quicker time-to-market for your customers means more shops go live and translates into higher sales.

Time is money. Integrate fast!

Developer resources are scarce and precious. That's why it's crucial that you can implement new integrations quickly. We built the ThreadBasket API with simplicity all in mind, while not sacrificing features. It's simple and straightforward and can be integrated in a matter of weeks.

ThreadBasket API FAQ

We usually try to get things right the first time. But sometimes open questions remain. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ThreadBasket API?

The ThreadBasket API gives 3rd party platforms direct and simplified access to our data and content. Our API makes it easy to integrate our design and pattern libraries into your application. Developers can access our content to build or complement a wide variety of tools and apps.

What’s included in the free trial?

We offer a free trial of the API for you to test out. The trial provides access to test API keys for our designs library. Search queries are unlimited, and we include five free downloads for each content type to give you a sense of the full functionality. All downloads are watermarked prior to download in order to prevent abuse.

How does pricing work?

You can test our API for free, but full search and download functionality comes at a flat, annual fee. After that our model is simple. For each physical item onto which you plan to print a design, you simply acquire a new specific license on-the-fly (via the API). That way you only pay license fees for sales that you actually make. For an exact quote, please get in touch with us at info@threadbasket.com.

How does licensing work?

All of ThreadBasket's content is sourced from a network of highly skilled designers and illustrators and we are the sole rights holders of all our in-house assets. Via the API we license for commercial use on a per-unit basis. It is essentially a form of fixed revenue share model, where we only charge you when you actually sell an end product that uses our content.

What kind of platform can use the ThreadBasket API?

While our library of designs and patterns is optimised for the print-on-demand industry, the possibilities are limitless. We provide access to our content to anyone with a vision to create something new or the will to add creative value to their current product.

What do I get if I decide to purchase an API integration?

When you’re ready to move forward, simply get in touch with us at info@threadbasket.com and we'll swap your current set of keys for a fully functional integration. You get unlimited search and download calls in whatever media types you choose. You also get dedicated customer support to answer all your questions and make sure your integration goes smoothly.

How can I browse the content in your libraries?

The ThreadBasket API gives you access to the same great content you see on our stock demo pages. Our API lets you search and narrow down results using the same filters you see there and are actually a great demonstration of what you can do with the API because they built using the API.

Am I allowed to monetize ThreadBasket content?

As an API Partner, there are certain ways you may monetize our content within your platform. Some partners choose to provide our content to their end-customers free of charge, while others choose to include our content as part of a premium product offering.

Note that you cannot distribute, resell, or otherwise provide the source files of our content on a stand-alone basis; the files must be incorporated into a finished project. For more information on proper commercial use of API, please contact our team.

Still have questions?

Send us a message at info@threadbasket.com