About Us

Most of the time you just see the website, but there are real people behind the scenes and we would like you to know who we are.

Since we launched in 2017

1 Designs created
for TB 1.0
1 Ideas researched
for TB 1.0
1 Designs available
on TB 2.0
1 Designers
Our Mission
Helping sellers launch quicker and sell more.

Launching a business in the print-on-demand should be quick and easy. But finding a designer or illustrator that is not just skilled and reliable, but also affordable...that's actually pretty hard.

Our vision is to enable anyone to launch their business within a day, sell high quality art and with as little upfront cost as possible.


Founder Christian Heidorn
Christian Heidorn
Founder + CEO
Founder Felix Schuldt
Felix Schuldt


Tallal Hassan
Tallal Hassan
Mark Jonell
Mark Jonell
Quality Control


Sascha Heinsen
Alex Niemöller
Sascha Heinsen
Sascha Heinsen
Akram Askar
Akram Askar
Mahdi Ahmadi
Mahdi Ahmadi

Our History

  1. September 2017
    ThreadBasket GmbH incorporated
  2. October 2017
    ThreadBasket v1.0 launched
  3. April 2018
    Employee #1 hired
  4. December 2018
    Peak monthly revenue
  5. January 2019
    4 local staff members
  6. August 2019
    Beta Design API launched
  7. September 2019
    Decision to pivot the business model
  8. October 2019
    Development of v2.0 begins
  9. February 2020
    Alpha testing of v2.0 begins
  10. May 2020
    Private beta of v2.0 begins
  11. August 2020
    ThreadBasket 2.0 is launched
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